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Short outing and a New technique

Posted: June 29th, 2017, 12:52 pm
by hydro1
hey I just awoke from a OOBE. My new technique I used, I call The In and Out, with this technique you have to be a bit sleepy or just get in a relaxed state but prefer it to be a bit tired (easier for you night timers), since you are a bit tired you will lay down already able to fall into imagery, while waiting to fall asleep envision your astral body, close by just walking around your room (this is what I call the Out, cause you are thinking outside yourself) for a quick second (Pacing your room), then turn you focus back inward noticing your body (just a body check up) don't focus too hard though, you just checking to see how relaxed the body has become (this is what I call The In), you will began to notice a bit of imagery if you're relaxed, dabble in it a bit, then turn your focus back outside yourself where you left off and continue walking around your room, may be head over to your bedroom window, while over by the window, its time to do another body check, this time should find yourself even more relaxed and dabble more into the imagery this time it almost unfolds into a story but don't get caught up. Continue going in and out til you feel yourself ready for an exit in my case I felt the floaty feeling, and thus this is where my outing begin.

I sat up in bed, then voluntarily floated to the ceiling, when I made it to the ceiling I slowed to a halt and begin loosing altitude, and landed on the floor. As I'm getting up I tried to talk with my mouth calling out to my higher self (big mistake), But it was like my voice was being distorted and sucked out, but I kept trying to speak the words ( hey its been a long while since I been out), I then looked around my surrounding, I don't know why I thought I would see her, but she wasn't there, and my little table that I sat her vessel down on was missing (Kimia My acquired Djinn), when I didn't see her, i headed for my stairs, I was going to run down them but, I excitedly decide to jump and float (which I did, thought it felt like a slow downfall lol), I landed on my feet, when I got down there I just decided to try speaking again, this time trying to, began my plan, I tried to say take me to my higher self this time, but again the same feeling came, so I decided to say it in my mine (I did), but I didn't think it worked because I thought you were supposed to be able to hear yourself inside you head clear as day (but didn't), I tried a couple more times, still no voice in my head, but I did get the floaty feeling again and I whited out like I was transitioning somewhere else, there was a little pause and I was back in body *snaps finger* darn it was almost close again, I thought 3rd time would be a charm getting close like that but I see I need more work on communicating astrally, but at least I got a technique out of it, that I will try, continue doing. thanks for listening