InActive Lucid Dream: in the army now, area 51

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InActive Lucid Dream: in the army now, area 51

Post by hydro1 » May 24th, 2012, 9:23 pm

Well as you can guess i dreamt that i was in the army..the part dealing with area 51 you know handling paranormal stuff...anyway my comanding officer saw a man on aq building trying to break in to see and find aliens and top secret stuff...when he saw the guy he told me to shoot him so i asked one of my comrades to barrow his rifle and i aimed and shot the man in the arm cause he kept moving couldnt get a kill shot..when the commander said good you shot him in the arm it'll paralyze him for a while...then we headed to an underground tunnel where suddenly we are at this school they reported that there was a spirit/ghost haunting the gym (i guess area 51 handle ghostand stuff like that too) so we get there and when we close by the gym the spirit pops up trying to talk to was a little pudgy little kid..when we finally reach the gym, the commander start talking to the teacher while me and a comrad sitting on some steps when the pudgy spirit pops up again i told it to leave but it just wouldn't shut i had a army bag with me for some reason or another, anyway used it to cover up the pudgy spirit.....then my commander said that we need to be nicer to the spirit and gain its i uncovered the spirit and it just kept rambling on and comrade held his hand out to touch the pudgy spirit, the spirit held his out too and he actually felt it.....i did the same and sure enough i felt it too its ghostly body was cold to the bone...but doing that gained us its trust and it told us why it was haunting the place so said when it was alive the kids use to pick on him and didn't wanna play with him.....he felt we knew what to do...we took the spirit onto the gym floor where some kids were playing and a young girl came up to the spirit and asked it if it wanted to be friends and it went from there they played a little the spirit was happy and felt complete...that it move on...the gym shined so bright as he left for the other side...then i awoke refreshed
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LD: in the army now: area 51

Post by Jettins \o/ » May 24th, 2012, 10:08 pm

Let us know how it ends.
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