InActive Lucid Dream: the security job

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InActive Lucid Dream: the security job

Post by hydro1 » June 6th, 2012, 8:34 pm

this LD was short but still took away the whole night....being a security guard/officer is harder then it looks....i was a guard at a hospital..i had to sit at a desk giving people passes to go see their sick/dieing the pens kept running out of ink or not working people was crowding around getting restless cause i couldnt find a freaking working pen....i kept getting room numbers wrong ...people just kept pestering me....i didnt even know i was supose to give extra passes to the other guard to give to other relatives who leave for a min and come back was just hard as boss was a female i'm surprised she didnt fire me with all the comotion and confusion i was causing..after all this i finally wake up like wtf going on. :lol:
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