Inactive Lucid Dream vs Active Lucid Dream

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Inactive Lucid Dream vs Active Lucid Dream

Post by hydro1 » June 20th, 2012, 4:25 pm

IALD (InActive Lucid Dream) are LDs where you are aware that you are dreaming but you decide to just play along with you story line, you cannot AP from them unless you break free of the story line, its hard to get away once you deep in them.believe me i know i have them more then anything......................ALD (Active Lucid Dream) on the other hand are LDs where you control every aspect of your dreams, this is basically a good start to get to AP, just dont get caught up in a story line no matter how aluring or inticing it is....these are the two ways i mark my will notice i start all my titles with them to let you know what you are reading, but as you will see my IALDs are more interesting then my ALDs well except the one that went from IALD to ALD.
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