Astral Projection: bug and False Awakening: angered fiancee

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Astral Projection: bug and False Awakening: angered fiancee

Post by hydro1 » June 21st, 2012, 9:41 am

i begin with openning my chakras (lying down) from earth to crown, then one by one i intensified them, then intensified them somemore ,then i imagined them all combining with crown, leaving this huge white pure sphere. i then took the sphere and had it hovering over my solar plexus, then had it descend into solar plexus, then disperse and fill my body with white light/energy. after a while i beging to feel my hands getting hot and stiff, so i turned to my side and blacked out, next thing i know im out my body. i couldn't believe it, the sun was shining brightly in my room, it had me thinking it was morning, so i checked my phone in the chair next to my bed, it read 19:00, which was wierd my phone don't have that setting for time. then i noticed my fiancee in bed, she was top naked so her boobs were out, but she is clothed in the physical. then i suddenly noticed this small black bug on the bed trying to make its way to my fiancee. i never seen this bug before, then i hear this voice in my head, which made me

Look around the room. it said that the bug was called a Bry/Bray. i got the feeling the voice was my guide or higher self, i couldn't see him but i felt him, anyway i rushed to the bed and stopped the bug from going inside my fiancee. i picked it up, it was vibrating in my hand, i felt its vibration and it was heavy too. it kinda wierded me out so i tossed it away. then i woke up at least i thought i did. i was now in a FA, in this FA i was telling my fiancee that i finally AP and she said yea ok, in her i don't give a damn sarcastic kinda attitude. we weren't seeing eye to eye before i went down for AP, plus the sun was shining in this one too. then i woke up for real all refreshed and it was still dark outside. i went to sleep and had a IALD that i was a beast captured and put in a cage in area 51 etc etc...i will tell it in my next post.
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