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Post by hydro1 » July 1st, 2012, 1:06 pm

I meditated on the couch from 10pm to 1:30am 3 1/2 hours. i felt tired when i awoken from the meditation, cause i was also openning my chakras. i only made it to my solar plexus when i lost consciousness, thats when i woke up and my chest was hot and sweaty. i wipe my chest off and went to bed and woke up in a spontanious projection, i had no control over what i was doing, i was just a passenger. in this projection i was in this rundown abandon town in an alley, when this dog started barking and chasing me, i wasn't in control so what was i to do. suddenly my astral body went into action and somehow picked the dog up and tossed it into a gated yard, without even touching it.i was pretty amazed at what i was seeing with my own eyes, but no matter the dog still got out and chase me some more. we tossed that dog so many time, the astral body was getting weak, so i winded up back in my body, but not for long cause then i was pulled back into the astral, back in the same town, except this time i ran into these

Two guys in this abandon burned down building. ( yes still spontanious) when they saw me they floated thru what was left of the building towards me, so my astral body floated away with the guys hot on our tail. they was yelling, hey you stop we just wanna talk, but i didn't. when they finally caught up with me, they started talking with me and teaching me some stuff but i dont really remember what was said at that point, but i do remember telling them that they were dead and needed to pass on to their afterlife. they refused saying that they knew where they were going if they did pass over. they explained that they were arsonists and they had burned down that building they were in,but they never made it out, they died with the people they tried to burn alive, and every since then they haven't passed on cause they knew they would go to hell or suffer for what they did. after they told me this i began fading back to the physical.when i awoke it was 4:30am, so i just fell asleep and had a LD about a institute.

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