and I heard a voice

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and I heard a voice

Post by hydro1 » May 19th, 2013, 11:02 pm

Well my fiancee made it out of body while i was in the livingroom watching my sunday toons. she said it didn't really feel like she was sleep her last 30 mins of sleep, she said the scene keep changing in the bedroom from night to morning. then suddenly while watching my family guy i hear this female voice it was very small, couldn't make out the words but once i heard it i yelled out huh hello (silence). after my family guy went off it was now time to wake my fiancee to go to work. i told her about the voice i heard she said she was out of body and she tried to call me, but the voice didn't sound like my fiancee but hey i couldn't really tell it was right in my ear but sounded so far away it very well could have been her it couldn't be anyone else cause i have shields and barriers up so it had to be her. there hasn't been any penetration anyway thanks for listening
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