lucid Dream: house sitter

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lucid Dream: house sitter

Post by hydro1 » July 19th, 2014, 11:19 am

This lucid Dream out beat all other LDs I thought I was having. In this LD it was so vivid and clear like I was in real life. I was at home with the fiancée and we had three dogs,(when in rl we only have one) one was like a wolf dog who turned out to be Olivia or mini Doberman mix with hotdog, she was huge, she had two puppies, one was her size in rl the other was a newborn. Our apartment was filled with stuff , and outside the apartment there was a lot of people out having a good time , it was like a busy day in New York it was so many people out. My fiancée was cooking black eyed peas with ramen noodle and chicken nuggets in it, I know weird right the thing is it smelled good and looked good. Anyway I wanted to leave the house so badly to go do stuff, but the thing was I was nervous about it, I rarely leave the house in rl, so I didn't want to leave my fiancée, although I knew she was a dream character, plus like I said it was so real, I felt that if I left, I was actually going to cause trouble , cause I was planning on going to mess with people. I still couldn't fly, I tried but I guess since I thought I was in rl it effected me as such. At one point it started to almost fade into being a dream, but with confidence I asked for clarity and rubbed my eyes and everything went back to being very lucid and real, at this point my friend Sean came over, I wasn't sure if he was a dream character or not, but I was so hyper on the fact that I was in a LD and had control, so I went over to him and told him this was a dream wake up wake up, he looked at me and said I'm awake dude, and I said well let's go mess with some people dude. he agreed and rushed down the stairs and out my back sliding door and started talking to some gay guys. before I could even get out the door to go actually do something, my fiancée says if you going to leave me here alone at least give me the house phone, at that point I I begin feeling bad again about leaving her, but I never got the chance to cause I awoke to my real fiancée saying the dog pooped and she wanted me to clean it. I do wish I did more in this LD but the feeling and sight of it was enough for me it kept me happy about this LD
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