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seeing things clearly: Prof Snape

Posted: July 22nd, 2014, 5:58 pm
by hydro1
when the wall vanished from behind me (see topic901.html), I was left in a classroom at a desk where the teacher was Prof. Snape from harry potter, he said we weren't going to learn in the way we were suppose to ( I was a bit lucid in this dream I had a little control) he took out this bag of some type of food that had a drug in it and he wanted everyone to eat it. this drug was suppose to keep us blind to the world around us an the spirit world, but I did not partake in eating it cause we did have that choice, everyone ate it except me and this being who came from my grannys afterlife with me disguised as my brother. Prof. Snape let us all loose to roam the halls the drug induced chocolate had everyone acting hyper and weird, since I didn't eat it I was experiencing the world clear as day I could see everyone for what they were every class I past had people standing in the door way looking out at us, every face I looked upon showed their true colors , I saw demons and monsters and fangs lurking from behind their human vessels, and they knew I saw them, they looked at me evily and lusted for my flesh to eat upon, I was sad that the world was being deceived like this that the people don't know what we are headed for when the funk hits the fan, these government with their hidden agendas and demon infested vessels. I I think after I left my granny it left a gift upon me in the dream, i'm not sure if it will work in the physical, I think it was just a temporary effect of the visit, thanks for listening.

Re: seeing things clearly: Prof Snape

Posted: June 20th, 2017, 7:39 pm
by hydro1
hydro1 wrote: reply from Spiritualforums


This is saying that the spiritual beings can see our true souls which are usually very beastly & demonic. And you were allowed to see what they see for a change. Also it is shown that life is a school. This is what the spiritual beings often say. That the earth is a school where we learn about good & evil. It is through witnessing what happens to evil that we learn to purge it from ourselves & become saints instead of beasts & devils etc