my emotional bounds

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my emotional bounds

Post by hydro1 » August 27th, 2014, 1:10 pm

this morning I did a WBTB method, I didn't remember the dream I had that I could re-enter so instead I tried to create my own, but it didn't go as planned. i was trying to create a dream where i was going down some steps to a door that would lead to a corridor with thousands of other door in my mind....i been thru this before, been trying to do this with astral projection and lucid dreaming but i can never make it happen. instead of having that exp i entered into a dream where me and my bro and sis just met some new neighbors, we were getting to know them when they had to leave to go back home because their father was leaving out to go somewhere. My sister had told us that she liked one of the brothers, we were so excited for her, we were so EXCITED for her we were egging her on to go tell him that she liked him, so she hurried over to their house their door was open so she just went on in, then suddenly we heard some commotion going on inside, we didn't know what was going on. Suddenly things took a dark turn, my sister comes busting out the screen door hunched over blood on her shirt, she had been stabbed. The boys came busting out behind her yelling how sorry they were, that they thought she was an intruder breaking in. they hurried and rushed her over to our yard, where me and my bro held her in our hands, we were all SAD, the adults came rushing outside looking concerned, i kept yelling out we have to get her to the hospital but my cousin (one of the adult in charge) said she will be alright, but no one made a move to try to take her to the hospital, i was so MAD that no one was acting like they cared. we moved her into the house, all the while i'm still yelling for someone to take her to the hospital. My fiancées father came in and said that she will be ok, that all she needed to do was go lay down and rest, he also said that he was severely stabbed once too and that he just laid down and rest and he was ok. i was looking like what really, you really just said that, then suddenly my sister falls over in my arms unconscious, but me and my bro thought she died, we started to cry and mourn over her. i was so mad that i took it upon my self to try to get her to the hospital, but as soon as i thought that the realization of my car being out of service came to my mind, and not only that my license expired on my birthday. So many emotions ran thru my mind and body, that i couldn't help save my sister, so instead of doing something about it we went and laid my sister in her bed. there was a slight flash and we were in a different house, we moved from the old house, the thing is this house was haunted. My sister never fully recovered from the stab, when she walked she had a bad limp and she had to constantly hold herself up or she'd fall.
one day my sis came run limping, saying that she found something that we needed to see, she said it was a talking statue, so one by one we went to check it out i went first, i went into the creepy bathroom, the walls were made of stone, everthing was stone wich was weird enough. i looked on a wall where i seen a statue of a old lady, it was just her head sticking from the wall. i went over to investigated it, then i said hi to it but it didn't say anything or move, so i just got ready to leave, i said bye to it and it shook its jaw at me and its eyes went dark and this creepy sound came out like a snakes rattler, i gasped and ran to AFRAID to look back. then later on my sister was about to take a bath in another bathroom, she came too me and said its another statue in her bathroom, i gathered the courage up to go and entered the bathroom, this bathroom had a nice atmosphere to it. i looked for the statue, i found it attached to the tub my sister was going to use, she had the water drawing for bath already, i went over to the old lady statue and said hi to it, she smiled and said hello deary, she let me shake her hand and it was warm, i felt happy talking to her, i felt like a kid at story time i was so HAPPY, she told me the story of how her and her sisters were murdered by a bearded man, the statue that scared me earlier and there was other statue ladies thru out the house, this house was huge, she told me not to be afraid of her sister shes just lonely at time and want others to feel what ever she feels. each day i went to talk to her i loved talking to her. everyday was a different story or exp with her it was a pleasant time with her. then after a while i woke up. i went thru 5+ emotions in this exp most i couldn't explain how i felt. when i cried i felt it in the physical, and felt as if i was going to cry to, i think i felt a tear fall down too. i felt every emotion in this dream as if i was in the physical.
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