A Talk With The Big Man: My Grandpa (grannies father)

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A Talk With The Big Man: My Grandpa (grannies father)

Post by hydro1 » April 17th, 2015, 6:55 pm

Well by now you all know I'm on the path to activate psychic abilities. In my opinion this experience proved to me that I've gotten/getting closer. Recently I just came upon the one thing that's going to help me do that, it's called liquid gold. Btw my Grandpa was a Reverend at the family church. Also I am in no way associated with any religion.

Now in this experience my friend told me he had part of the gold delivered to him that we been waiting months for, and that he was waiting on the rest to come. After that he just starts blabbering on about taking it, I guess the process in talking it, at that point I stopped listening. After he left I went to this motel room where I met my brother. I didn't really know the reason I was there at first. They kept telling me I was there to meet a man. For those of you who know me, I'm not much of a people person. So when it came time to meet the man, I did what I do best; try to avoid the situation. Everytime my brother tried to bring the man to me i'd find some way to leave the room unnoticed. I kept going from room to room, but every room I went to a family member was there. They all was talking about the reason I was there, never letting up. All thia just so I can meet some man. They even kept throwing out descriptions of him like, he was 50yrs old etc. But all it did was make me want to avoid him more. Everytime they mentioned the man, i'd feel like I was getting into trouble; you know the feeling when someone tell on you to a grown up. Anyway I finally found an empty room ( or so I thought). But it was like he knew wherever I was going, that I couldn't hide from him; cause next thing I know my brother busts into the room and somehow stopped me from leaving. Then he left the room saying he's ready. Then the door opens and this tall man walks into the room smiling. He says to me " you know why you're here right?" I said to visit a man. For some reason I was now lying down on a bed. The man walks over and sits on the bed, and says " why don't y'all ever come visit m ( I guess his grave)"? I was dumbfounded, cause I didn't know what to say. How then continues and say " see thats why I can relate to that song" and he starts singing it " if I don't do nothing i'ma ball, I'm counting all day like a clock on the wall" at this point I was singing along with him ( for those of you who's wondering that is a lil wayne song called duffle bag boy). After that I was bugging up laughing saying Oh grandpa, I now recognized who he was. For one that song came out way after his death, so how he knew that song I don't know, it was just funny coming from him an old man lol, cause he was a peaceful man when he was alive, quiet too. At this point I'm more relaxed talking to him. He then lays down with me except he was down by my feet. Anyway this is when the talk gets serious, he then says " I hear you are trying to pierce the heavens" I told him yes, he asks " why are you trying to pplay God"? I told him I just always wanted to fly and help people its been my dream/goal. He then says " but what if thats not what God wants you to do"? I said but it's what I want, this is the path I want to walk. He says " but God may not want that for you"and I said but I want it. Things was finna get heated, I could feel the intensity of an argument coming on, but when he got ready to his next thing a weird sound came out like he was choking, I then yelled out grandpa all concerned. Then boom I'm awakened by my fiancee talking about her ankle itched real bad. I was like man you woke me up from talking to my grandpa. She told me to go ahead an finish, but I was now fully awake and didn't want to attempt to re-enter cause I was afraid things wouldn't go as it would have if I never woke up from it. All my dream reentries al ways go the way I want them to and not in the way it probably would have if I never awoken from them. Thanks for listening can't wait for the comments :-D
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