Growth of an Eternal Nature

The Opportunity for Spiritual Growth while still in physical life. Topics such as Spirituality and Metaphysics are welcomed.
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Re: Growth of an Eternal Nature

Post by fairyana » September 26th, 2013, 1:48 pm

Labyrinthus wrote:That gets more complicated. But still a very worthy discussion.

Making the effort to establish a good habit pattern by choice, intent and strength of will is a good thing.

Deciding to break a habitual bad habit pattern is maybe even a greater good.

Someone who is in the habit of doing good does not score as many points for jumping in a river to save a drowning man as does the demon score for deciding to spare the last innocent follower in the poison Kool aid line in a last moment of self observing and revelation in the midst of mayhem. Darth Vader was destined to blow Princess Leia's planet to smithereens and was also destined to live a life of evil but scores a fundamental adjustment of basic eternal quality by deciding to toss the evil Emperor into the electro-disintegrating abyss, instead.

Doing something that requires extraordinary effort to alter the course of one's life for the better (the alternative mega-happy ending on the DVD) is an act that rings bells in the Eternal realms.
The way I understand it, Eternal is our consciousness/spirit. I have a hypothesis that it's eternal because it's cyclical, but that's another topic. So there is a moral quality that is more intimate to our consciousness, to our innermost thoughts, than to what we perceive in this world as good or bad. So I would understand that there is a greater achievement for someone who only does bad things to finally switch consciousness than someone who is already good. The same way I think that a person may appear good, may act good, may try to do what they think is best, but have the wrong motivation for doing good, they are lacking an important moral aspect of their consciousness, and their consciousness is what they take with them when they are no longer in this physical world. I see life as a constant learning process of how to guide our consciousness toward a perfect, absolute (or eternal) morality.

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