Lucid dreaming everyday achievement

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Re: Lucid dreaming everyday achievement

Post by fairyana » March 13th, 2013, 11:20 am

I'm still having trouble putting these into practice. Let me see if I got it right. I have to:
1) clear my thoughts before I go to sleep and
2) imagine that I'm having a lucid dream.

I'm having trouble just to control my thoughts before I fall asleep. But perhaps if I give myself these simple guidelines it'll work better for me.

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Re: Lucid dreaming everyday achievement

Post by Astralnaut » March 13th, 2013, 1:52 pm

i use visualization methods to make my mind to stop produce these thoughts. Heres what you can try. Set your clock to ring after 1 hour and go to sleep then when a clock rings after 1 hour wake up, dont move, dont open your eyes. You might slip into SP and if you do then during this state you can enter LD by imagining place where you want to be. I usually imagine that i am in my house because i spend there most of my time and i can imagine my bedroom with small details. If that wont work then imagine places where is a high contrast of light and shadowIf it doasnt work then rapidly imagine all kinds of places... whatever gets into your mind and you might slip into LD. And IF that wont work then imagine places where is a high contrast of light and shadow. :D If you wont slip into SP then after waking up you should notice that your mind is much more clearer than before the sleep, then you can put your imagination into work and successfully achieve LD in direct way by imagining anything you want until your consciousness slips into deeper state and the things you imagined should turn into LD.. or atleast semi lucid dream.

goodluck :)

BTW speaking about me ... i ve got about 6 SPs during this month and few LDs which is huge step forward :)

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