The Healing Experience

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The Healing Experience

Post by fairyana » December 27th, 2015, 5:46 am

I used the wake up and go back to bed technique today (just now) and as I closed my eyes I tried to see the images in the blackness of my closed eyes and it worked wonders! The images started to appear and they became a sort of corridor and I was passing through it. This, to me, was much better than trying to become lucid during a dream. As soon as I saw the images appear I was happy with the results and lucid enough to enjoy the experience. I came to a dead end at the corridor and tried to get out of it at first by wishing to go to the moon. But that didn't get me to the moon and I soon found myself back in the corridor. I soon realized I had to have a better, clearer intent to get out of that place. I managed to get out of the corridor with my intent to heal someone.

I found myself in a big exotic reception like room with my aunt who just spent a week here with us. Since I was on a mission to heal someone I found myself going to a person needing help. He was in a big white and exotic room wearing a white suit and he was very scared to see me. He tripped with his clutch and fell to the ground and was really a mess. As I came close to him to heal him he made a fetal position and I concentrated for the white light to come down and cure him. He changed his appearance from a white man in a white suit to a black man in rags and I asked him what happened to him. We were sitting down on the front porch of the place and he told me he had been poisoned by the oriental man who was also sitting on the floor behind us, looking away into space, his legs agains his chest and a pipe on his thin mouth. I told my "patient" that he had to let go of the hate he had for his killer because that was what was keeping him to miserable. I tried to explain that his body was not temporary, but his mind was and so he had to clean his thoughts, think positive, forgive. As I was saying this many other people joined to listen. When I finished, I went back to my aunt and I told her if she remember our experience after waking up, please tell me about it and use a reference from this place. I made my way to the reception and I thought I'd go flying because I've always been good at flying in the astral.

Then I started losing my lucidity and fell into a bit of a dream state. The city I was in looked like an underdeveloped nation of some sort and my daughter was being chased on the street by what looked like a mixture of a stingray and one of those big mouthed fishes. The local man took the fish and showed her that it was harmless and she could even ride it, gliding on the fish and making a splash. Things became even more dream like from then on. I was in a place having an argument about fashion, then trying to take a shower and having privacy issues. I then woke up but remember the lucid experience and thought "wow"! And here I am sharing it. :-)

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