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Meeting my Other Grandma

Posted: April 14th, 2016, 11:17 am
by fairyana
Yesterday night I woke up around 4am feeling not so good due to a mild food poisoning. I went back to sleep and was dreaming when I saw my lucid dream trigger, a tsunami wave. Instead of feeling any fear I smiled to myself and thought: "Lucid dream!" As soon as I thought that I was in an astral version of my room I saw what looked like my spirit leaving my body but it was a third person point of view with a first person sensation or feeling of being a spirit lifting off. I quickly came up with a destination so as to not come back to waking state so I told myself I wanted to see my grandmother (on my father's side this time). I saw her sitting in a chair looking sad. I came up to her and told her to cheer up, that many of us had her in our prayers. We both became emotional and happy. Then I had a false awakening where I saw my husband, toddler and cat in the call. I knew somehow I hadn't really woken up. I should have used the false awakening to induce another astral projection. May be next time. :) Then I woke up and told my husband all about it.