My Kundalini powered Astral Projection

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My Kundalini powered Astral Projection

Post by fairyana » April 19th, 2016, 7:27 am

This happened around 4am. I was sleeping and I partially woke up. I could see my dark room, my eyes half closed and my mind aware enough that I tested to see if my subtle body was detached enough to astral project. I waved my arm and felt it was my subtle arm. So I made and effort to roll over to the left and felt my subtle body fall to the floor. Curiously, I was on the left side of the bed when actually I sleep on the right side. So analyzing just this bit, I can say that my consciousness awoke in a parallel, dream world of my room. I don't think I actually detached my soul from my body, which was what it felt like, but that all along I already was in my subtle dream or spirit body and just went through that process for validation and to phase into the astral realm.

After that I had such a long and eventful experience that I fear I won't remember all of it.
The first aim I had, the intent I had set myself, was to seek my father in law and brother in law. I flew to a place where I found two men, but I soon saw that that weren't them and understood that I wasn't meant to meet them yet. Also, I set the intent to experience the greater consciousness system (God), but also that didn't work and I saw that I wasn't prepared for that either. My consciousness was fully aware and awake. Everything was really vivid, the images where really sharp. I went into this big, attic steam punk looking room and a man was there. He seemed charged with negativity and came over to me to attack me. I kept my calm and as he came over to me I grabbed him my the head and said "I accept you the way you are". This sentence to me is very powerful because there is a great sense of love in it. The mans face disfigured and he disappeared from my presence.

I don't know how to even begin to describe all the steam punk, indiana joansy crazy sceneries that I saw. Some places seemed like out of a George R R Martin's book and although they were completely foreign, I felt sometimes that I had been in these places before. But there were all vivid to me. I ended up in a room filled with Indian women dressed in red saris. I can't remember exactly what was going on, but I sent them all healing white light energy.

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