Using Jurgen Ziewe's Advice

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Using Jurgen Ziewe's Advice

Post by fairyana » June 26th, 2018, 8:09 am

Last night I had a spontaneous lucid dream. I didn't become lucid during a dream, rather it started out lucid. I had a feeling of being in an altered state of consciousness from the start and there was sort of a grand feeling about it. I have no recollection of the place I was in, but the feeling of being in the astral was strong. So the first thing I did, which was an intent I had set myself while awake, was to use Jurgen's advice on how to leave the lucid state, in psyche, to the outer psyche state of a proper astral travel. There are two ways he does it. Either he focuses really hard on one object, mainly the floor, or he focuses really hard on his hands. The focus of awareness takes him out of his psyche and into the outer astral level. So I opted to focus on my hands. I looked at them and they were so out of focus that it seemed I had 6 fingers. As I focused more, they became sharper and in the back of my mind I was thinking "the astral level!". So the curious thing is that this experience resumed entirely to the hand exercise. After this nothing else happened. I think I wasn't in a lucid enough state that I could benefit more from the experience. But I will definitely be using this technique more often and see what happens. I haven't been having dreams as often because I haven't been focused on having lucid dreams during the day.

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