Lucid Dream - the Illusion

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Lucid Dream - the Illusion

Post by fairyana » May 7th, 2013, 9:05 am

I just woke up from a lucid dream. I went back to sleep instead of running my morning errands and the unusual sleep time might have helped. I was in my kitchen and my cat started to feel sick. So I began to panic and think of what vet I could take him to and I thought how will I ever find a vet on a Sunday when everything's closed. My cat was gasping and looking really helpless and then all of a sudden my cat began speaking to me. It was a shock because everything was very vivid and I didn't know I was dreaming up until my cat started talking. It was really freaky but I told myself then "This is a dream!" And then my cat started levitating, as if someone invisible was taking him up from behind. So when I realized I was in a dream the scene changed and I was in a city at night. The moon was full and really bright. I told myself I wanted to see my father and I began to fly. I tried the same experience from my first lucid dream but this time I didn't go very far. I didn't manage to see my father and even forgot where he really was. The moon turned into a screen and there was a movie playing on the moon. A black and white cowboy movie it seemed. I also passed a really beautiful building, like one of those Las Vegas hotel but it glowed like nothing in this world. I was flying with a warm beige blanked on my hands, it hung from behind me, like I was holding a cape. It made me feel very comfortable, holding the blanket, but I had to hold it tight cause I was flying pretty fast and flying belly up. So I didn't go too far and I landed and a bald man said to me "You can't go where your father is cause there's too many people going there and the way is jammed". At first I though, ok. But then I realized. Wait, that's not true, I can go wherever I want and I probably didn't get there because of my own lack of skills. Then it felt like my lucid dream ended, but I kept on dreaming. A small counsel was talking to this bald man. A woman showed a moving graph that represented my dream and she told him. "She couldn't see past the holographic illusion you made for her". Meaning I couldn't get past my lucid dream into a higher state of projection. She told him in a way that made it seem like his illusion was in the way. But I know that it's all my own making. The graph showed a corner of a rectangle where the world I was seeing was, then it showed a round boundary where I couldn't see past, and it was moving as if it was showing what I wanted to accomplish. Then I think I dreamed further but it became the sort of dream hard to recall right now. It did feel again like I had a dream within a dream. I wonder if the woman was Ellen.

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Re: Lucid Dream - the Illusion

Post by revenge » May 7th, 2013, 12:18 pm

hmm. interesting... Dream in a dream. It happened to once. but I can't remember. But I remember I was dreaming in a dream.:D
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Re: Lucid Dream - the Illusion

Post by Jettins \o/ » May 7th, 2013, 3:56 pm

Hello Fairyana,

Very interesting. I could visualize the experience as you where describing it.
Fairyana wrote:A woman showed a moving graph that represented my dream and she told him. "She couldn't see past the holographic illusion you made for her". Meaning I couldn't get past my lucid dream into a higher state of projection.
Your experience makes it clear that lucid dreams can turn into astral projection type experiences. When you find yourself in this particular lucid dream state, you can also make a little jump to go through the ground plane with intentions to reach a new destination. Going through the ground plane requires that you absolutely know it can take you into a new dimension. At first the ground may appear solid, but as you re-wire you psychology that this is possible it will happen.

But it turns out that even if you go through the ground plane it won't always take you to a new destination or dimension. Sometimes it just brings you right back into the same lucid dream layer. My guess is that there was something there for you that you needed to experience first. The simple realization that you need to get passed certain illusions could make all the difference.

Changing the sleep pattern can help sometimes.

Great learning experience.
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