The Kitsune in the Meadow

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The Kitsune in the Meadow

Post by Echobreaker » May 10th, 2015, 10:26 pm

The other day, I wind up having a dream about being in a town, running into a woman who was very friendly. This woman and I would talk for a while before she decides to lead me to somewhere more 'peaceful' in her words. I follow her, and she brings me to an alleyway- it is a wide path, and the other side is a meadow with a clear blue sky. As I follow her through the alleyway, I fall to my knees from a strange sensation of increased gravity, and I notice my fingernails changing shape.

I crawl my way to the meadow and blank out for a moment, only to find myself waking up with a fox looking down at me. She speaks to me, and I recognize her as the woman from earlier, and although I was surprised at this, and the subsequent revelation that I had turned into a fox myself, I was not fearful, in fact, I was happy that the vixen was happy to have me there. It was not a negative experience, from what I found.

The odd thing is, I was not familiar with the folklore of the kitsune, one story of which a friend of mine on skype only tells me about today; it was almost completely accurate, save for the tragedy in the classic story, where the deceived person is trapped and lost connections with everyone they cared about.

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Re: The Kitsune in the Meadow

Post by fairyana » June 5th, 2015, 5:17 pm

These synchronicities are really interesting. :) I don't know about this kitsune thing. I'll check it out sometime.

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