Traveling to another world!

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Traveling to another world!

Post by Echobreaker » January 6th, 2015, 1:16 pm

I am so excited, I couldn't not share this!

After two failed meditations courtesy of my older brother deciding he needed to check my room for some laundry, I went to sleep at about two o'clock. After waking up at 7 and spending about 2 hours awake, driving my mother to the train station and just trying to stay awake, I give up and decide to take a nap.

During the nap, I have the usual false awakening, and even noted the time- 10:37 AM. During that time, I was a little sluggish at first, having trouble with my usual method of out-of-body travel (flying up the stairs). However, I got myself adjusted, and decided to focus not on going outside of my room, but to visit another world. So, here I find myself in an endless emerald-green forest, and I even managed to meet someone in there. We embraced one another as a form of welcome, and the stranger kissed the back of my hand, although in my confusion I had a tougher time answering in kind for her. So we spend the time talking, and based on the time it took between then, me momentarily losing focus and snapping back to my body, and the time spent after the return trip to the emerald-forest, I could figure about ten, maybe twenty minutes had passed; the longest I can remember ever maintaining the experience consistently.

Satisfied with my trip, having met someone and proven to myself that I could venture off to another world, I return to my body and wake up for a few moments, deciding to check my phone. It was 10:38 am when I woke up. That alone was amazing to see: time had dilated for me 10-fold, maybe 20-fold.

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Re: Traveling to another world!

Post by fairyana » January 9th, 2015, 1:05 pm

Awesome! :-)

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