Astral Shadows

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Astral Shadows

Post by Echobreaker » March 3rd, 2015, 3:52 pm

This, I admit, was a rather odd experience; I start with a dream where I see my friend's pet cat and try to pet it, but then when I tell it not to jump onto me [I get nervous when a cat moves suddenly at me, I dunno why], I start feeling vibrations on my neck when it does hop onto my back.

So I pull myself out of my body and start to see how long I can maintain it this time. When I find myself having an easier time flying, I decide to try to see if I can go to the astral world [only based on what I heard] from my street. I start to fly up and try to go forward. I wind up flying directly up [my back facing the sky the whole time], and then find myself floating down into a darker version of where I started. I found all sorts of shadow-people as I will call them walking around. They didn't seem to be any different from us in the physical world, although they definitely have a diferent culture.

I simply say 'hi' to one, and they [for sake of gender neutrality] turned and nearly lashed out at me. I knew this wasn't abstract hostility, otherwise they'd have all went at me; it was a defensive reaction. I do return to the original location after deciding to bail out, then I wake up because my alarm went off.

I find the idea of a shadow-world to be intriguing.

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