Great control of environment. Weird body.

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Great control of environment. Weird body.

Post by davis » July 14th, 2014, 4:57 pm

Since this is my first post on journal I'll start with my technique and oobe which happened at night on July 14, 2014.
I was going to bed with intention to leave my body. I set an alarm clock to be active in 2 hours. I used my technique which includes mantra that have worked for years now. It's simple and I do this before going to sleep (before an alarm):
I'm on my back. My eyes ar closed and I chant to myself – "I'm leaving my physical body" and at the same time I embodie the feeling of rising up from my physical body. I do that for a while and than I imagine how nice it would be just to fly around my room. In about 3-5 minutes I start to feel energy movement which is controllable to some degree. It starts in legs randomly and I really enjoy that feeling. At first I feel it slowly moving from one leg to another and when I feel it I move it upwards. When it reaches my head I let the energy be – i don't do anything with it. I somehow feel that it's the life force (chi or qi in Chinese culture) which controlled properly can lead to great results such as oobe or healing. So, I guess I let the energy move through my whole body and than I just let it to be. I don't control it. I'm very aware of it – it's an energy body which can be 'boosted' by intention. I always have felt that it plays a big role in having my oobe.
So, about 10 minutes have passed. I enjoy my imagination, chanting mantra and energy movement. Well, I do that for more 5 minutes and get tired of focusing so much and I just let the mind be silent and I let it go. I don't do anything except mantra – "I'm leaving my physical body". Well, of course my mind doesn't get fully silent. It's pretty active during the whole technique but I don't pay attention to where it goes. I just direct my focus on everything associated to oobe. Well, and then I loose my awareness. I guess I fall asleep.
The next moment is separation process. Without having any dreams I'm on separation process. I'm slowly rising up from my body and at the same time hearing noises. My vision is zero but my mantra is installed in my subconscious mind. I still chant it while leaving my body.

And there I am. At a place where I used to live. My vision slowly started to get clear. But there was something weird about my vision and body. My body where split in two parts. Right part of my body where black and the left part was transparent. With the black part of my body I almost didn't see anything but with my transperent part it was clear as most of the times. I really didn't focus on that, just noticed. My focuss was to get out of the room and explore the environment. I moved close to window and was surprised by the height I'm at. In physical reality my room is ~10 meters above the ground. This time it was about 50 or even 60m. I thought it would be cool to jump down and slowly moved towards ground. As always, I moved through the window while feeling the texture of it. I noticed temperature (cool) and a little wind while moving towards ground. In a half-way dog appeared and once I saw him he jumped in my direction. He flew towards me with an angry looks. I knew I'm capable in that environment of many things. I raised my hand towards him. I had no fear. I smiled with my heart and he transformed into smiling puppy. He jumped into my hands and was very friendly. I realized my power in that environment and suddenly wanted to test it more. I then moved back to place I once lived just to explore. I opened the door of one room and there was a person with handcuff. I can't remember the exact look of the guy but he had a long hair and he was friendly by his aura. I removed handcuff by my will and he started to laugh like an evil person. I then projected handcuff back to him. I was surprised how easily my intentions were projected. For unknown reasons most of the time when I'm 'out there', I don't have much control of things. This time I was godlike. After I put back his handcuff I felt energy boost (hard to describe) and suddenly the appearance of the room changed. I was in different place. There was a little girl about age of 16. I moved close to her and she looked like the girl I know but somehow different. She told me that she's mother of the girl I know. I asked her name. She answered telepathically. She even wrote it on a paper. At that moment my awareness started to fade away. I woke up. I didn't write anything cause I was too sleepy. I just typed a few keywords in my cell phone. It was not a bad idea but I know I could remember more if I would write everything right after I woke up. Although it's oobe, the experience can be forgotten like a dream. When alarm switched on, I turned it off and kept sleeping. I need to be more disciplined which I'll be next time.
Resume. Why right part of me were black? Is this something related to Ying and Yang? I'm dissapointed by my awareness fading away so fast. I could not sustain it. I even didn't try. But there is a good reason for that. I haven't done oobe for while. Few things must be remembered. Since I'm prepared to master it, I'll try to have oobe every day from this day on. All of my oobe experiences will be shared.

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Re: Great control of environment. Weird body.

Post by hydro1 » July 22nd, 2014, 1:22 pm

wow congrats man, i'm happy to see you have a great routine to have an Oobe. from what I just read its like you are a pro you didn't have to work too hard to use you abilities/energy, altho you had vision problems cause you were stuck between coming and going from that dark void you were in, but its a start I think slowly but surely you coming out of your dark void, and yes it could be a ying yang thing, you need to find a balance between the two so that you can see things clearly with both eyes not one, though when you started losing clarity you could have just asked for it and it would have come back I did it recently and rubbed my eyes and my vision became back clear. I liked this experience and the way you can turn things positive great job.
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