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An argument in the mall

Posted: July 15th, 2016, 12:29 am
by Master roshi
In a dream yesterday, I had met this woman and we started vibing and getting along (girl A), next thing i know im sitting on some type of surface in a mall, towering above a lower floor. On the lower floor, there was an argument being held between this girl facing a store and another girl I once knew but quit talking to (girl B) who was right at the entrance of the store. I could see and hearĀ  them both from my position, and they were arguing about me. Girl B was saying hateful things about me, while girl A was denying it and pointing out why Im such a great person. Although I had girl A rooting for me, i couldnt help but let the things girl B was saying to me get to me. The argument even got pretty heated they were yelling but i dont remember what exactly was said. I never said anything because i couldnt speak for some reason and wasnt lucid. I would play it off like i didnt care in real life, but I felt hurt by what she was saying, even had a slight physical sensation like it was running down my spine. When I woke up, i remembered who girl B was, i could easily put a face and name on her (girl i know from real waking life) but i didnt remember girl A. It goes to show how sometimes we take the love we get for granted and put more attention on the negativity. Its also an inward battle of self doubt and low self esteem vs confidence and happiness. After all, what is a regular dream? Its all you, its not shared with others, its your subconcious guiding you. Any comments would be appreciated.