Beautiful LD (long)

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Beautiful LD (long)

Post by Master roshi » October 1st, 2016, 4:49 pm

First, a little context. The night before the dream, I was at some club and just feeling very disconnected from the whole scene. I had a few drinks, was out with friends. I got to my bedroom at 3 30 and my head was vibrating crazy loud. I focused on the noise and it intensified. I  got a strong intuitive feeling my higher self was trying to communicate something to me. He wanted me to take a break on all drinking and take some time focus on my physical and mental wellbeing. I went to sleep and woke up around 5 45 cause i was feeling a lil dehydrated and hungover, stomach kinda uncomfortable. My body doesnt process alcohol as well as it used to before I started progressing in mindfulness amd increasing awareness. Waking up in the middle of the night had sort of a WBTB effect for me, and by this point I was having really vivid and creative thoughts coming and going, like when you re really in need of some sleep but still awake. I sat down like I would for meditation and just breathed, went on my phone a little bit and meditated til my head was clear and i was feeling better then i lie down on my side hugging my pillow and doze off right in to REM. This is where the  dream begins.

It's a bit hard to put the pieces back in chronological order, but I remember quite a lot. Also, the dream would kind of follow a pattern where it had a main narrative, then Id lose a little dream stability and do my own thing for a while, then Id wake up for a sip of water without even leaving the bed and just slip right back in to the same dream from where I left things off. Sliding in and out of the same dream like that was really cool.

So here I am in this heavenly place. Some sort of college campus/resort hotel, good vibes around. I'm semi-lucid and get lucid at some point where Im surrounded by the same group of friends I spent the night with and I start showing off. I remember levitating something, and spawning a cute girl out of thin air lol.
They started talking really loud all at the same time out of amazement or something and it was really distracting but I couldnt magically make them stop talkimg even tho I tried focusing my thoughts on silence. It kinda broke my focus so I slip out of lucidity but just for a little while. The waking up and getting a sip of water might have helped get me back in to a lucid state of awareness but not sure. There was something else on the other side of this lovely place, a very dark place, this burnt down castle full of holes, dark entities, disease, prostitutes, and drug abuse. Kind of the complete opposite of what we had on the side I was on. For most of the dream, I ignored it very well to the poimt of only being aware of it if someone were to mention it. I remember walking from out my campus/resort in to a field and there was this bum with a nasty face and a bad energy. A total slob covered in dirt and piss and sweat. He pickpocketed me very discretely but I was able to notice it. He took my keys instead of my wallet lol. But I got this sudden memory of having came across this very same situation at the same place with the same thief. I looked at him and said this is the second time.  I beat him up and took my keys back, and looking back I think he was a victim of the other side. I remember the touch of the keys in my jean pocket feeling so real.

I was walking around, getting to know the staff and playing pranks on them, messing with dream characters ( you can approach them with so much confidence knowing theyre dream characters as opposed to real people, you can mess with them and say outrageous things) making friends. This was the exploring part, fun and cool for a person who doesnt lucid dream that often.

The lesson part comes next, it was the perfect end to a long, beautiful dream. I was indoors, on one of the upper floors of a building, looking out a window, hanging out with friends and dream people. Suddenly, a tiny fire breaks out right near us and we alarm eachother. We re a little alarmed but we can totally handle it, its really small.  It starts growing, to let's say the size of a
Big table, and out comes Ted Mosby from how i met your mother, giving a passionate speech about this fire being exactlt what happened to the castle on the other side. And as he said that, a vision of it came to me, it was a real sinisyer place and i telepathically understood exactly what he was saying. So we start telling everyone in the room with us that if we let this fire grow we ll be doomed to the same fate as them and this heavenly place will be ruined. I knew how we had to put out this fire. We each had to pitch the dearest thing we had on us in to the fire to put it out. I threw in my favourite t shirt. We all threw in something and it was put out. We started celebrating,  there was a great energy  in the room. It was a lesson about not depending on things, and not attaching ourselves to material possessions, just having eachother and being happy with what we got. This girl from one of my classes was in the room sitting on a desk and told me "you know, seeing you help out all my friends is really turning me on" lol.

Keep in mind, Im missing some parts, it was a very long experience and this is all I can remember, but I woke up feeling fulfilled, great and wiser from this insightful dream. I had helped others and they had helped me, and lucid dreaming is really fun too :D

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Re: Beautiful LD (long)

Post by fairyana » October 4th, 2016, 5:57 pm

Awesome! Specially the end bit. :)

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Re: Beautiful LD (long)

Post by hydro1 » October 7th, 2016, 12:47 pm

cool exp bro the ending was cool, I'm sure though you didn't have to say we all know what transpired between you and the girl, and thumbs up to that lol. Also remember beings can enter your LDs too for a visit, and I think either you weren't focus enough, or they were real beings, that you couldn't make be quiet in the beginning. I think that lesson you learned also helps in the long run when you want to try projecting too.
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