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Rakiel's head-to-toe energy technique

Posted: October 11th, 2017, 1:07 pm
by rakiel
I'm sure there are already variations of this technique out there. After I've successfully relaxed myself, I like to imagine or visualize energy pulsating through my toe. Sometimes it is useful to visualize searing heat penetrate every cell of that area. Next I bring that energy up to the foot, then the ankle, then the shin, then the knee, etc. all the way up to the head. As the energy permeates every cell of the body, I imagine a numbing sensation. This way, by the time I've reached the head, the entire body will be numb. If you aren't deep enough in physical relaxation, go for round 2. This technique may have the added benefit of awakening the energy body.

An alternative, without the energetic/visualization element of this technique would be to simply mentally command the toe to fall asleep, and then move on to the next body part, and so on.

These techniques might be a benefit to someone who has difficulty relaxing, because it gives them something to do mentally while letting themselves go.