The way I induce OOBEs

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The way I induce OOBEs

Post by Ssurge » November 5th, 2011, 3:22 pm

I have only been practicing OOBEs for 1-2 years and I've gone through many methods and try outs to figure out what methods are the most suitable to me. They've always changed, but here are a few.

Involuntary experiences for almost no reason

I used to have a lot of Sleep Paralysis experiences and I had no idea why. I also used to believe there were a few demons in my room or that someone was in my apartment willing to kill me or steal something. One of the reason I used to have these experiences is that I had just started school and I had to go to bed earlier. It did not matter how early I went I always had to have a nap in the afternoon as I was too tired. Then, after a few hours, as I had to go to bed earlier, I'd just go to sleep and wait. I felt in a way able to sleep, but not sleepy or tired at all. This is one of the best states you should be in when you want to induce an OOBE. This method may be also found as Bedeekin's method as he has introduced naps to Astralviewers, if I remember correctly. You basically need to go to bed later than usual, wake up earlier than usual so that you can get tired enough for a nap in the evening. Then, go to sleep after 2-4 hours and you should experience Sleep paralysis. It may not work from the very beginning, but keep trying. It happened to me without knowing what I was doing, so it must work to you too. However, if you are used to sleeping in the afternoon or you are not used to waking up WHEN you wake up, it may not work. Keep trying, though. Change sleep patterns.

I sometimes still use this method, but yeah, always napping in the afternoon can get pretty frustrating. One would rather just go outside with friends than sleeping. It's still a powerful method, though.

Voluntary SP's, but with a prior sleep

Whether it is a sleep in the evening, or you just wake up to use the toilet it is still a good opportunity to try and induce an OOBE. Try to get some 5-6 hours of sleep, stay up 30-60 minutes and then return back to bed with the intent of inducing. You may stay up shorter, but try not to fall asleep. I believe Jettins has already talked about this method in more detail. Check it out in the forum. This method is the fastest way to OOBE, in my opinion. Here are some old hours and situations when I used to induce:

1. Bedeekin method. Go to sleep later than usual, wake up 1-2 hours earlier than usual, have a 2 hours nap between 6-9 then induce after 2/4 hours. Usually at 11.
2. Wake up 2 hours earlier than usual and go to induce in 1 hour.
3. Wake up in the middle of the night, after 2/4/6 hours of sleep and try to induce.
4. Go to sleep at 1 am, wake up at 6 am and induce at 7 am. - This one worked 9 times out of 10 to me until I changed again my sleep pattern.

Before going to bed methods

Since there's no time for napping and waking up during nights is a bit annoying and stressful, I needed a new method. I had become used to inducing right before falling asleep. However, I had to be very sleepy so that I can go faster and deeper in my sleep. I used to stay still, without moving and just wait until images or sounds kicked in. Sometimes I'd just find myself talking, interpreting other dream characters. When I realized that, I'd just say my magical sentence that should increase my awareness. I used to say "This is false, this is all a dream.". I remember it has worked like 3-4 times, but I did not bother practicing this. However, lately, I've become better at this method and I can even stay still without moving until I enter SP or fall asleep. Sometimes, I need to move, but if I move I always remember that I am close to falling asleep so I just wait to use my magical sentence. It requires practice but it works, without any prior sleep.

Meditation induction

After having had Sleep paralysis and out of body experiences only after prior sleep for almost a year, I could not imagine how one could have OOBEs and real vibrations from meditation as for me, meditation was only a way to relax your mind and "turn off the useless programs running in the background". However, yes, it is possible to induce OOBEs from meditation. The best way is to learn to ignore any physical and external information, senses, everything and concentrate on a mantra or something else. Just stay aware and ignore everything else. Most importantly is to get rid of your physical senses. No mind meditation, by Campbell, phasing and noticing by Xanth are very good methods for that. I however still induce using that magical sentence I just talked about above since I induce more when going to sleep.

If I remember something else I will let you guys know.

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