Sleep paralysis technique

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Sleep paralysis technique

Post by tomcat941 » November 25th, 2011, 11:18 am

Is sleep paralysis neccesary to acheive astral projection?
No, but it does make it a whole deal easier. For example, i have attempted seperation while in the vibrational state, only for my physical body to move too. Is my body had been paralyised, i may have succeeded in my attempt.

How to have sleep paralysis?
It is best to go to sleep for a few hours. It is not neccesary, but it will be hard to do it without having slept beforehand, due to the biological function of our bodies, meaning that certain chemicals are released after sleep to increase out consciousness, which slowly ebbs away during the day, but is refuelled after sleep (or something along those lines). After about 4-5 hours of sleep, wake up for a while. If you have trouble with your eyes twitching or moving when they are closed, it is best to stay up for 30 minutes in a dark room. This allows them to adjust, and relax, making it easier to keep your eyes still. Return to your bed-You should feel relaxed-and make yourself comfotable. Close your eyes and don't move. Simple. Or so it seems. For survival reasons, your body goes to sleep after your mind, but the body cannot tell when the mind is asleep. Thats why it will test your mind to see. If you have a great urge to move, this is your body telling your mind 'I'm not comfotable, move me'. However, the body is fine, and is just checking to see if the mind will respond by moving the body. If it doesn't get a response, it will believe the mind has fallen asleep, and thus the body will also fall asleep. There will be a sudden change, that you will recognise immediately. Your body is now asleep, and in Sleep Paralysis. Your mind is awake, and your body is asleep-A perfect state for projection, or even a lucid dream.

*Don't move. This includes your eyes. Whether it be your eyes moving, or an arm, it is still movement. Try not to focus on your eyes, as you will feel the urge to move them, which will be the case when you focus too much on not moving them.

*Don't swallow. Struggiling? Place a towel underneath your neck, to prop your head up, so that the saliva can slide down the throat without effort on your part.

* You may focus on a mantra to keep your mind aware, or some other technique.

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