Jettins WBTR with OBE Style Exit

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Re: Jettins WBTR with OBE Style Exit

Post by hydro1 » April 5th, 2016, 10:03 am

do the sensations ever get to the point where the subside, before your eyes pop open? If So before your eyes pop open you need to quickly, but not forcefully attempt an exit. I think your eyes pop open because after the sensations cease you just sit there for too long maybe waiting on the next thing to happen , and that in turns makes you too physically aware, and your eyes open because you are coming out of the state, don't wait too long after the sensations cease to make a move. If you still have this problem after you do this come back and we will try to figure something else out. as for sleeping on your back, you can attempt to project in any position you like, but since you can't fall asleep on your back that would be your idea position for projections, unless you can't relax in that position. Basically you have to do what's comfortable/relaxing to you , each individual is different.
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