How can I myself begin to grow spiritually

The Opportunity for Spiritual Growth while still in physical life. Topics such as Spirituality and Metaphysics are welcomed.
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Re: How can I myself begin to grow spiritually

Post by SmallExpiriences » February 28th, 2013, 11:39 pm

This forum blows my mind every time I revisit it ! Fairyana your practically scaring me here but in a good way ! First off it was by someone and well several over years of pain and abuse. However she is trying so unbelievably hard to get better. However one very weird but cool point you made, you said I may be here to help her. Literally today talking to her I finally told her that I do feel I'm here to help her to help her get past this. I had a really amazing conversation with her and she suffered from alot of trauma, however talking with one of her alters/split personalities (you may or may not understand this) her alter was able to AP when she split off during what happened. She couldn't handle the pain her body was experiencing and thus split off. She said that when she wants she can fly and if she thinks of a place she can instantly be there. Instantaneously I knew what she was talking about and my mind was once again blown away. But I only read your post AFTER telling her that I believe I'm here to help her. At the moment her physical body has been stuck for years in between the two realms, it feels like a constant dream state to her. I do believe I'm here to help her, and possibly others. It just feels as if I'm meant to do something, just my sure what yet. But I can tell something's going on, it's just so new it's hard to really KNOW what it is. Hopefully ill be able to explain it a bit better when I myself understand more what's going on. Sorry if I'm sounding crazy haha, but it's hard to keep something in when you feel something truly amazing is beginning to happen. Ugh it sounds crazy even to me !! Anyway haha thanks for the community thanks for the replies and thanks for the openness and understanding! I'm already loving the community here. I wasn't quite sure if there were more of us out there but I geuss there is haha !

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Re: How can I myself begin to grow spiritually

Post by Richvtx1800 » March 1st, 2013, 11:52 pm

One of the most difficult things in life is to realize we are not unique. What do I mean by this? I smoked pot daily 30 + years ago. In the years after I stopped I could see what happened to those who did not stop vs those that did.

What is the whole mystery thing about addiction? The mystery is that you develop a PASSION for life thru being addicted to a substances that creates illusions and a lot of other things that are inconsistent to spiritual growth. But it becomes your passion, and you want to believe in your passion, so you do.

But as you said it gets you nowhere and you get signs from your guides showing you if you keep going in this direction it goes no where!
But because it is your passion and you are creating a cycle and pattern of believing in it, you cannot come out of the cycle anytime soon. Remember
you have developed this as your passion about life!!!! The only way out of this is to understand you have to replace that passion with a more powerful passion, that you want MORE!

So you are asking about spiritual growth which is THE WAY, only be patient with this because life is INFINITE and every time you fired up a joint you fed your got high, a kind of instant but false result, and now your mind is programmed, you wanted results in 5 minutes so now you have wandered off and need to see results in 5 minutes......
Transformation from a person addicted to illusion who is now seeking truth is not going to be easy but definitely can be done.

To create a new passion and new HIGH that is natural try this..I call it doing a 180 turn.

Ok here we go: you polluted your system with illusion, now detox your system with everything that is real.
As your spirit guides nudged you when you quit for 17 days, imagine what will happen when they see FINALLY you have become serious.

For instructions on promoting a big experience try this. ... ?story=594

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