How to successfully Shapeshift

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How to successfully Shapeshift

Post by Jettins \o/ » February 6th, 2012, 3:16 am

How to successfully Shapeshift

To really understand about shape shifting in the Astral Realms and entities being able to shape shift we have to understand where we are. We need to understand the field in which we are existing when we are having out of body experiences. This internally (our state of being) AND psychically generated Astral reality is visually created by our sense perception/interpretation or associated metaphors.

At times it will be stimulated or influenced by what is being externally projected from an outside point (an entity), and at times psychically being pulled out from the ether/field (a location). These two things happen simultaneously. Everything has to be processed through us, at the same time if we encounter an entity, that entity would be projecting their inner being. This will usually have a purpose and will create the visual image that best reflects the inner (you), and the outer (other), tailored for the intention of the experience.

So Shape Shifting in the astral is always happening, at every moment something is being generated, something is being projected and perceived. This process is a Form of Shape Shifting because it can change Form at any moment. The same thing happens when we see an entity, they are projecting a version of themselves and we are creating a visual image based on how their projection identifies with us. So if we create the visual scenario around us, the reality that has to pass through our sense perception, how does someone know the end of their created reality and the beginning of the psychically perceived external reality, such as when a being communicates?

These are the questions that first need to be understood to truly understand the mechanism of Shape Shifting. Everything that we experience in a sense is a Form, a visual shape shifting Form that is perpetually generated and sustained by the one who is experiencing it. This Form can take the Form of a location, or the places that we find ourselves going to in our dreams. It is not an actual non-physical location, it is a scenario that is created by our physiological self at all levels, conscious and unconscious, multidimensional?, our inner being, and this is the mechanism that builds the Forms, (visual forms) of experience in the astral states of being.

There is a mechanism that creates the direction or type of experiences, visual scenarios and dream sequences, it will determine what you can shape shift into; this is your purpose, intention and emotion, intentional and unintentional. It may not be easy to point out specifically, but it will become the reasons behind your evolutionary path. Ask yourself, how much are you consciously aware about it?

In the Universe, like attracts like, it is why like-minded entities come together, with this mechanism you will connect and experience (more on this in the following link.. astral-projection/constricted-boundless ... -t287.html <--- Constricted Vs Boundless Astral Entities).

It is important to know this not only because you will understand about shape shift, Form shift, and how you can do it, but how another entity is doing it, and its possible intentions. Once you have identified an external entity trying to influence an experience you may ask, (I will get into how to identify them in a different post) why did this entity appear to me this way? Why did it look like Jesus Christ? Then you can ask, how does the image of Jesus Christ connect to me, and then you will have your answers.

So now we can go back and ask the original question: How do we shape shift? We now know the things we identify with we create (emotion predominant), so it is about finding an animal, a person or a Form (intention predominant), that identifies with your inner being (purpose predominant). You are more likely to succeed if it identifies at all levels, while in the astral you then use your intention your absolute conviction/sense of realization to change.

Have a great day! :D
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