Movement with hands

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Movement with hands

Post by Pac » June 1st, 2012, 8:04 pm

When I asked the exact same question on Astral Pulse, someone replied with:
Lachian? Or Lachlan? With an I or an L? Perhaps it doesn't matter.
Lachian is a name that I am somewhat familiar with. It seems he is a protector of man hood and one who gives power to the lower chakras. He is a very grounded figure, seen holding a strange bolt throwing weapon, yet channeling energy in a pose from the ground directly to charge it's battery. I don't know if this same Lachian is the same figure as my own modified form, "Lejian". He could also be seen holding a shield and a rod, as he is a protector of young men and one to offer discipline to their lust, their courage, and their will. He is a source of fatherly love and thinking ability.

After I read this, I realized that I'm only fifteen. Perhaps this 'Lachian' is my spirit guide.

Alright, this is it. I woke up at around quarter to 8 and decided to get up, walk around and eat some breakfast. At 8:20, I went back into my room to do some arm, leg, jaw stretches. After that, I climbed into bed pulling all the bed sheets over me and I laid on my back. I closed my eyes and began to do some breathing exercises. After that, I cleared my mind and began counting my heart beats to 150. It was a struggle, but I completed it. I than began trying phasing, and trying to find any light or unusual images in the darkness of my eyelids. I then began to count 150 onto 300 to get to 450. I finally completed that, and my mind began to wander. I could feel my hands going slowly numb. Although I couldn't help notice that only from my torso up, felt numb.

I created a trick to trick my mind. I told myself that the top half of my body didn't exist and the lower half needed the energy. All of a sudden, my lower half of my body went numb as well. After that, I wanted to do a full 360 with my 'astral' body. I did a complete 360 and felt every bit of it. I then decided to do a 360 moving around in a circle instead of going upside down. I did that, and I was successful. Although, now I noticed my head and body felt out of place; like I had moved to the left a little. As thinking that, my hands beside my waist began to move up and down at different times; my left arm went down and my right went up. All of a sudden, I began counting from 20 to 25 as my arms were moving. As I continued counting, my arms moved up and down at a steady passe. My dad came into the room and interrupted what was happening. What's your thought on that?

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